Film "Children's Ombudspersons: Safety rules for the Little"


Project "Children's Ombudspersons: Safety Rules for the Little» appeared in 2016 in Russia.

Children's rights commissioners from 15 regions of Russia took part in the film. Ombudspersons read to children verses of writer Ksenia Fedorova from her book "ABC of Safety" and spoke about situations of risk. Little children in fun, alone at home and outdoors, healty food and hygiene, how to behave in public places, the Internet, with dangerous objects, pets, etc. - so useful for each family!

The film is based on poems on this topic: the problem of safe behavior of children is very relevant. The book "ABC of Safety" has already become an indispensable tool for teachers and parents, a handbook for children of preschool and primary school age.

Olga Kopyshenkova, the Commissioner for the rights of children in the Kaluga region:

 - Ksenia, thank you for such a good book deed! I sincerely hope for further cooperation in the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of  children! Wishing you prosperity, health and success!

Alena Lopatina, the Commissioner for children's rights at the governor of the Kurgan region:

- How did you know that the iron is hot, and iron swing are cold in winter and can burn your hands? Where  did caution in handling matches and electrical appliances come from? Many people acquire skills of safe behavior together with painful experience. Children's literature is an educational holiday! It should carry both a charge of positive impressions and useful information, and most importantly - to be accessible to the youngest readers. Ksenia Fedorova found true to the style of transmitting serious information. With a share of humor, on the example of children, Ksenia offers her reader to choose a model of safe behavior. Simple rhymes, short phrases - this is the right way to the rapid assimilation of the children's vital rules. I am grateful to the author for the choice of socially significant topics.

The video and the book have already been shown to the Commissioner for children's rights at the President of Russia Pavel Astakhov at the XIII Congress of Russian ombudspersons in the Rostov-on-Don, and he praised the extraordinary approach to the education of younger generation.