"The Code of Little Neats"

Ksenia Fedorova's children's book "The Code of Little Neats" underwent two editions: in 2013 wthin the ecology prpject of the social charuty fund "Mama" and in 2017 improved and enlarged edition, dedicated to the Year of Ecology in Russia.

The book is focused on a joint conversation between adults and children about behavior in nature, at home, in public places, on the education of environmental culture in general. There are poems on ecological culture, a solemn oath of the Little Neat Society, special section "Art Workshop", which is dedicated to young designers. Together with their parents the small will be able to make decorations and toys with their own hands using ready-made technological cards, worked out by the author-artist.

At the very beginning a play ful moment takes place, so children solemnly pronounce the oath of the Little Neat Society, putting their hands on the handprint and become the saviors of nature. The author appeals to readers:

- Dear children! Once upon a time, in the days of fairies and dragons, there lived brave knights on earth. Each of them considered it his duty to observe the Knight Code of Honor. It dictated the following rules: be noble, respect elders, care about your Lady and also be honest and merciful. Those who dared to break the vow, were brought to shame.

Today we do not fight at tournaments and confront evil wizards. We do not rescue captives from terrible monsters. Anyway, a noble knight should live in the heart of any boy , and an exquisite lady - in the heart of any girl. That is how we make the world around us noble, kind. clean!

My dear friends! I present you the Code of Little Nets and invite you to join our army of nature defenders. To do this, you need to start with yourself: be clean, neat, keep order at home and outdoors, love nature and pets and, of course, follow the advice from my book. Please. read the oath attentively and never break it!

Karina Sokolova, Helen and Nikita's mother (St. Petersburg):
- We've read "The Code of Little Neats" together with the children at home. My boys enjoyed it! They habe never ate yogurt, but now they really like it! Big surprise, we know, how useful empty yogurt containers are! Thank you for the application called "Art Workshop"! Good job, Ksenia! Woild like to read more of your masterpieces!

Valentina Petrishcheva, grandmother of five grandchildren (Velikie Luki, the Pskov region):
- Dear Ksenia, we have two of your wonderful books for my grandchildren (and I have five of them): "ABC of Safety" and "The Code of Little Neats". We normally read your books together, and sometimes the eldest granddaughter reads to the junior. Serious advice and warnings turned into jolly poems - can be memorized easily.
Today the situation in society has changed, it often requires caution and special attention. It doesn't seem right to terrify children with the stuff but at the same time it is necessary to aware them about possible danger! Your book "ABC of Safety" id of great use here. I wish this book became required in all the kindergartens! And yes, "The Code of Little Neats" teaches children to be clean, neat, to keep order indoors and outdoors. We sincerely thank you, Ksenia, for your work and talent. Looking forward to new books!

Elena Kabakova, teacher, concertmaster of Children Art School named after Gromov, veteran of labour, laureate of Russian and international contests, composed a poem about her grandson Vova, who reads "The Code Little Neats" by Ksenia Fedorova:

Vova took in hands the book
And recited oath!
Then he said with proud look:
- I'll be the bravest knight on Earth!


Poems, technological cards, illustrations, conception - Ksenia Fedorova. Layout, design - Stanislav Dostovalov. Photographer Olga Skendereva.

BBK 83.84 UDC 821.161.1-93 F 33

ISBN 978-5-9908823-3-1

Fedorova, K. The Code of Little Neats: 2nd edition/ K. Fedorova. - Tula: Image Print, 2017. - 88 p.: Pic.

Book cover
Book cover