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Marina Kalugina, deputy governor on social policy 05.10.2018
- Children are a special category, that is most affected and threatened by the environment, and therefore, without a doubt, so precious and requiring increased attention from adults. Taking care of children is the main condition for the prosperity and successful development of our country. And the institution of the family determines the social climate of any society. It is no coincidence that in his Address to the Federal Assembly, the President of Russia called the support of motherhood, fatherhood and childhood a priority task of the state.
The book "ABC of Safety" of the young talented author Ksenia Fedorova is extremely timely. It fits perfectly into the state system of child support. Laconic poems and amazing beauty of the author's illustrations, made with taste, make a strong impression on the little reader, quickly help him to remember the rules of behavior. The book promotes the values of family, friendship, goodness, humanism, love of neighbor.
The uniqueness of this publication is that the author is the first in the Kurgan region who solves the problem of children's safety in such an original way!
The collection will be in great demand in the family, in kindergartens, schools, leisure centers, orphanages, libraries... Materials can be widely used in teaching classes, lessons, thematic areas, and the situation can be played in the form of small theater productions.

Irina Charukhina, lawyer, young mother 05.10.2018
Hi, dear Ksenia! We now make crafts every day from your book "The Code of Little Neats". Thank you! I read it with my daughter at one breath. You're wonderful and the books are magical! Now we do not throw away bottles, jars of yogurt, cream... Making funny toys and decorations.

Olga Serebrova, kindergarten teacher (Kurgan) 05.10.2018
Writing for and about children is very difficult. Unfortunately, children's authors are becoming less and less. And I very pleased with the fact that such a wonderful person as Ksenia Fedorova has grown in our city, who writes easily, childishly just about the very necessary and timely things. Her poems are naive touching, funny and serious.
I wish you great success and health!

Vladimir Stepanov, artist (Moscow) 05.10.2018
Ksenia, thank you for your caricature books! Studying them. I have already painted the first caricatures on my friends!

Polina Aleksandrova,office manager, young mother 05.10.2018
Many thanks to Ksenia for her work! I bought the books for nieces and even for the future baby! Kids are very happy! Ksenia, good luck to you!

Alena Fedorova, student of Novosibirsk medical University 05.10.2018
My dear sister Ksenia! You're good! I'm proud of you! Family happiness and creative success to you!

Alla Vladimirovna, head of the crisis Department of psychological assistance 05.10.2018
Every father and every mother dreams of their children growing up smart, fully developed and obedient. But few parents understand the logic of thinking a small child, only some manage to find a common language with the baby. Knowledge should be given imperceptibly, as if by the way, during the game. The souls of children are surprisingly sensitive to creativity. "ABC of Safety" by Ksenia Fedorova can become a methodical and didactic tool for kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers. The main thing is that the topics that are revealed in the book are very necessary for our children. After all, the most important thing is to help them understand what is good and what is bad. The child will be able to learn a lot of useful things and learn even such a complex science as life.

Andrey Zamyatin, deputy diocesan missionary department of the priest of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), father of three children 05.10.2018
Ksenia, thank you very much for the wonderful books "ABC of Safety", "The Code for Little Neats", "Once the Puppy Drove a Car..."! Well-done!

Eleonora Teplukhina, soloist of the Moscow Philharmonic, aunt of little Nikita 05.10.2018
- Hello, Ksenia! I just enjoyed your "ABC of Safety"! I have not seen such bright, talented, witty and useful works for a long time! My nephew is 3.5 years old. Thank you very much from me, moms, grandmothers and kids for your invaluable gift, kindness and responsiveness!

Jeanne Klein, mother of two children (Germany) 05.10.2018
- Dear Ksenia, thank you so much from my boys Philip and Leonard from Germany, from the city of Buhl. They study your "ABC of Safety" with pleasure, you know! Thank you for your hard work of children's writer!