Tyumen adventures of Bunny Kolya 15.01.2018

The world premiere took place in Tyumen. Newspaper "Tyumen truth"'s reporter visited the children's opera:

Award from the governor 28.12.2017

The Presidential program of management training in Russia is 20 years! Its graduate Ksenia Fedorova was invited to the party and there awarded a letter of thanks from the governor.

World premiere 11.12.2017

The world premiere of children's music fairy tale "Christmas Adventures of Bunny Kolya" by Ksenia Fedorova will take place in the Tyumen philharmonic.

Little neats' holiday 15.10.2017

The presentation of the "The Code of Little Neats" by Ksenia Fedorova was held in the regional children's library named after V. Potanin.


Autumn premiere 07.10.2017

The 2nd edition of the children's book "The Code of Little Neats" by Ksenia Fedorova came out in Tula.

Books to little Siberians 18.06.2017

Ksenia Fedorova and the main children's library of Siberia agreed to cooperate.

Expo day in the life of books 14.05.2017

Children's books by Ksenia Fedorova took part in the IV Regional Exhibition-Forum "Taking Care about Children of the Urals!"


Ksenia Fedorova participates in the youth exhibition of the Union of Artists of Russia 05.05.2017

The collective exhibition is held in Chelyabinsk and dedicated to the theme of happiness - "Serotonin: Formula of Happiness".

Yekaterinburg reads 25.04.2017

The children's writer and artist visited the Sverdlovsk regional library for children and youth named after V. Krapivin and presented her gifts: audiobooks "ABC of Safety" and books "Once the Puppy Drove a Car..."with her autographs.


Tyumen audience will enjoy Ksenia Fedorova's fairy tales 06.04.2017

Two music fairy tales of the writer got into the subscription of the Tyumen philharmonic. These are children's opera "Christmas Adventures of Bunny Kolya "(libretto by Ksenia Fedorova, music by Arthur Vabel) and a musical fairy tale "Music Box".

On the island of childhood 17.03.2017

Ksenia Fedorova is a guest of the program "Island of childhood" on Radio Russia-Krasnoyarsk.


To a child's heart by the path of art 14.03.2017

A great book holiday, dedicated to Ksenia Fedorova's art, took place in Kurgan secondary school #52.


Book "ABC of Safety" celebrated the 5th anniversary together with young readers from St. Petersburg 09.03.2017

Now small readers of St. Petersburg will be able to read all the books of children's writer Ksenia Fedorova.The editions appeared in the Central city children's library named after A. Pushkin.

Premiere on the Yenisei 03.03.2017

In two weeks the Krasnoyarsk philharmonic will present the premiere of the music fairy tale "Music Box". Its author is Ksenia Fedorova.


Classics in Polytechnic university 02.03.2017

The concert of classical music "From Paris with love" got great success in the White Hall of the Polytechnic university in St. Petersburg.


Presentation at the Neva 01.03.2017

Little readers - children from kindergarten #32 of the central district of St. Petersburg got acquainted with the book and audiobook "ABC of Safety" by Ksenia Fedorova.


Ksenia at Youtube 17.02.2017

Now Ksenia Fedorova has her own account on Youtube

Please, stay in the contact!

Children's letters 15.02.2017

We continue to publish children's letters. 8-year old girl Sofia Charukhina sent her picture to Ksenia Fedorova. Look at that rainbow! Sofia has already read all the books of Ksenia Fedorova and wrote in the picture: "Thank you."

Thank you, dear Sofia! Read more good and clever books!


Fairy tale about composers 06.02.2017

In the organ hall of the Krasnoyarsk philharmonic they are preparing to present a musical fairy tale "Music Box" by famous children's writer Ksenia Fedorova.

Bravery Box 14.12.2016

Ksenia Fedorova supported the event "Bravery Box"!

New CD! 10.12.2016

Famous artists recorded Ksenia Fedorova's verses - a new audiobook for children "ABC of Safety" released in the Moscow music publishing house "Artservice".

Art of overcoming 01.12.2016

Ksenia Fedorova greeted the winners of the competition among people with disabilities. 

Young literature award 23.11.2016

Art essays of Ksenia Fedorova recognised as the best.

At the bool kitchen 15.10.2016

Shool #32 invited children's writer and artist Ksenia Fedorova to talk about the process how poems and drawings are born.

"Goldfish" reads 13.10.2016

Pupils of kindergarten #6 "Goldfish" visited the creative meeting with the writer and artist Ksenia Fedorova.

Time to read 11.10.2016

Ksenia Fedorova is a guest of ll-Russian state television and radio broadcasting company.

Actors - to children! 10.10.2016

Young readers will hear their favorite poems from the book "ABC of Safety", as well as new works in the reading of famous artists.


So Wonderchildhood! 06.10.2016

The writer and artist worked in the jury of the final of the city competition of readers "Wonderchildhood". The Centralised library system of the city of Kurgan organised the competition among the youngest. 

Russian children's literature enlarged 04.10.2016

This is the third children's book by a young author and artist.

Ombudspersons read poems about safety rules to children. 01.06.2016

Project "Children's Ombudspersons: Safety Rules for the Little» appeared in 2016 in Russia.

Children's rights commissioners from 15 regions of Russia took part in the film. Ombudspersons read to children verses of writer Ksenia Fedorova from her book "ABC of Safety" and spoke about situations of risk.


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