Fairy tale about composers

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Fairy tale about composers 06.02.2017

In the organ hall of the Krasnoyarsk philharmonic they are preparing to present a musical fairy tale "Music Box" by famous children's writer Ksenia Fedorova.

Tickets are in sale.

The performance is planned in April, 2 for organ and actor.

The main character is a third-form pupil of the music school called Vasya Zabiyakin. He is a slob and a loser – with the help of a magic music box the boy travels in time. And here are the real composers: Bach, Handel, Mozart, Schubert, Rossini, Tchaikovsky — who, like ordinary people, suffer and rejoice, walk the streets and dine in restaurants, play with children and read newspapers…

The story is based on real events, on the key facts from the biographies of the musical classics, which the writer has talented refracted into a good musical fairy tale for children.

See Ksenia's promo.