"Artistic Image Creating in Caricatures. Experience of Artist and Teacher"



"Artistic Image Creating in Caricatures. Experience of Artist and Teacher" by Ksenia Fedorova will be useful for art teachers, students of art-graphic faculties and those who are interested in art of graphics.

Ksenia's method helps to master the technical side of drawing a caricature  in the shortest possible time, and recommendations from the manual will help to create a vivid expressive image. The publication contains a gallery of children's works – Ksenia Fedorova\s pupils - as well as author's caricatures on famous artists.

Olga Lutsko, art critic, artist:
- Creating an expressive art image overact in the image is a difficult task, requiring of the artist the mastery of drawing tools and techniques, and unconventional thinking.

In her manual "Artistic ImageCreating in Caricatures. Experience of Artist and Teacher" Ksenia Fedorova developed a method of teaching children to draw a caricature, given guidelines and approximate thematic planning on this issue, which will be a good help for artists-teachers. I especially appreciate the fact that the author is a practicing artist and teacher and, therefore, takes into account the individual age characteristics of students.

The publication is supplied with visual material: a selection of caricatures, examples of children's works and graphic sheets of the author, as well as an application that determines the sequence of creating a caricature.
Educational and methodical manual Ksenia Fedorova is timely and very popular, as it meets the demand of the modern system of art education for high-quality and at the same time affordable research on the topic of "Caricature".

See a short film about Ksenia's method.

The manual is certified and recommended for teaching by the Department of culture of the Kurgan region. The method is presented at the International Pedagogical Forum "Workshop of Boris Nemensky" in Moscow (2014) and awarded a diploma "For the Skill of Professional Positioning".


UDC 373.167.1: 741 BBK Ch426.64a73 f 33 ISBN 978-5-89506-119-0

Fedorova, K. Artistic Image Creating in Caricatures. Experience of Artist and Teacher/ K. Fedorova. - Kurgan: Printing house "Dammy", 2014. - 68 p.