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Organ tale in Podolsk, Moscow.

Oriental tale "Caliph and Jassar" - in Tyumen.

"Tyumen News": One-eared bunny is stronger than fate.

3 operas in Kirov: Ksenia Fedorova, Artur Wabel and Co.

"Christmas Adventures of Bunny Kolya" in the lyceum of Balashikha, Moscow.

Fairy-tale in Surgut"Christmas Adventures of Bunny Kolya".

Ksenia Fedorova's fairy tale - in the programme of the International festival "Universe - Organ".

Moscow actor Roman Serkov and Larisa Timshina (organ, Chelyabinsk) present Ksenia Fedorova's fairy tale "Musical Box" in the Chelyabinsk Philharmonic.

Ksenia Fedorova's literary piece is performed in Fryazino, Moscow.

New tale "Caliph and Jassar" - in all-Russia newspaper "After Classes".

Readers from Chita city got acquainted with Ksenia Fedorova's art in the philharmonic.

Ksenia Fedorova cooperates with all-Russia newspaper "After Classes".

In the language of love and compassion. Review in federal mass media.

The event of the year! A world premiere of Ksenia Fedorova's tale "Christmas Adventures of Bunny Kolya" - in the Tyumen Philharmonic.

Celebrities - at one board of honour. And Ksenia too.

Ksenia's fairy tales are expanding all over the country.

"Neither a song, neither a tale nor musical". A new audiobook of Ksenia Fedorova for children released in Moscow.

Book in digit.

New book "Once the Puppy Drove a Car..." Presentation.

Federal mass media gives a profound review on Ksenia's new children's book "Once the Puppy Drove a Car..."

"Sounding canvases". Ksenia Fedorova - at the Belcanto Fund programme (Moscow).


TV-channel "Russia" - about Ksenia's cartoon exhibition.

Celebrating April Fool's Day by art project in Moscow.

Ksenia Fedorova supports an idea of the deputies to forbid selling tonic drinks to teenagers!

Performance at the Bashkir Philparmonics: drama and music.

Ksenia Fedorova is the best parliament journalist of Russia.

The unique manual on cartoon drawing by Ksenia Fedorova.

Internet channel "Apricot" - about Ksenia Fedorova. Master class on cartoons.

"The Code of Little Neats". Review.

Excursion along the parliament with Ksenia Fedorova.

New book "ABC of Safety": Ksenia's edition is expected to become the best helper for parents and teachers.

Reportage, dedicated to Ksenia Fedorova's children's book "ABC of Safety".

Ksenia's interview in the federal magazine.

In the cover of all-Russia magazine.

Presentation of "ABC of Safety": video.

TV-channel "Russia" - about "ABC of Safety" by Ksenia Fedorova.

Ksenia Fedorova is a laureate of governor's award for her contribution to journalism.