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Sand improvisations 05.04.2016

"Good is known in comparison. We choose the best in attempts of approach to an ideal, - it is reported on the website of Belcanto Fund. - But with genius-more difficult. Who can compare... Raphael and Botticelli... or Bach and Handel - loved and unique? Great is always singular. And yet... we decided to combine these four Grand names in one concert. Not just to unite but to compare! Bach with Handel, in his lifetime, never met - though, in our current understanding, almost neighbors. Correcting this historical injustice, we offer to listen to them in the most possible brilliant performance. And strengthen the importance of this event revived the delightful paintings by Raphael and Botticelli. The inflorescence of great harmonies is a miracle that will happen right before your eyes!"

Performers are the winners of international competitions: professor Daniel Zaretsky (organ), Alexey Balashov (oboe), Tatiana Lanskaya (soprano) and Ksenia Fedorova (sand animation).

April, 8, St. Peter and Paul's Cathedral.