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Olga Lutsko, art critic, artist 07.10.2018
Creating an expressive art image overact in the image is a difficult task, requiring of the artist the mastery of drawing tools and techniques, and unconventional thinking.
In her manual "Artistic ImageCreating in Caricatures. Experience of Artist and Teacher" Ksenia Fedorova developed a method of teaching children to draw a caricature, given guidelines and approximate thematic planning on this issue, which will be a good help for artists-teachers. I especially appreciate the fact that the author is a practicing artist and teacher and, therefore, takes into account the individual age characteristics of students.
The publication is supplied with visual material: a selection of caricatures, examples of children's works and graphic sheets of the author, as well as an application that determines the sequence of creating a caricature.
Educational and methodical manual Ksenia Fedorova is timely and very popular, as it meets the demand of the modern system of art education for high-quality and at the same time affordable research on the topic of "Caricature".

Lyudmila Sechina, winner of the presidential contest "Best Teachers of Russia" 07.10.2018
I read the poems from the "ABC of Safety" to my six-year-old grandson. He laughed, marveling at the misadventures of the characters, commenting on their actions, given appropriate evaluation. It is remarkable that all the verses are brief, easy to remember. This is very important for kids. They can not do one thing for a long time, quickly got tired, moving from one activity to another. The author took this into account.
There is another value in the" ABC of Safety". If you print poems and hang at home in the places where a child plays, it is possible to form the right habits.

Dmitry Pevtsov, People's artist of Russia, theatre and film actor 07.10.2018
"Once the Puppy Drove a Car..." Thank you! I really have someone to read and whom to read at my family!

Alexander Prokopiev, physician of Chelyabinsk city clinical hospital #11 07.10.2018
Ksenia, thank you for Your wonderful books, including "Once the Puppy Drove a Car...", which became a Christmas gift to my five-year-old nephew Slavik. You know, now there are very few people who write books for children so skillfully. For me, the examples of children's writers are Korney Chukovsky and Samuel Marshak. About Marshak I want to say especially, especially this year is his anniversary. Surely you know that he was not only an outstanding children's poet, writer and translator from English, but also headed the editorial office of children's literature in Leningrad for a long time. He made very strict demands on the authors of children's books, emphasising that what can be forgiven for adult writers, that can not be forgiven for children's ones. Children will immediately feel false and will not take seriously a badly written book. Boris Zakhoder followed his ideas. And well-known TV presenter and journalist Vladimir Pozdner owes his creative destiny to Marshak in many ways, as he worked for several years as a literary secretary and learned to sort the letters that came to him from all over the Soviet Union in a huge number, and to respond to them.

I wish you success and new interesting books!

Aigul Kozybayeva, artist (Sibay, Bashkortostan) 07.10.2018
"ABC of Safety" is a very useful book for children of primary school. Interesting illustrations are painted with great imagination and love for children! My niece Lucia loved it, all her free time she re-reads the "ABC of Safety".
I wish Ksenia Fedorova more good books! Creative burning!

Lyubov Lobanova, a retired kindergarten teacher, grandmother of two granddaughters, Nadezhda Antonova, grandmother of two grandchildren, the retired (Magnitogorsk, the Chelyabinsk district) 07.10.2018
Bright, colorful illustrations in books of Ksenia Fedorova cause children's interest, contribute to a better memorisation of the material. The author gives talented advice, unobtrusively, but very true, choosing the key to the child's heart. Since children have not yet formed a nervous system, they often immediately forget what they are trying to say parents. This book helps everyone: parents and children.

Lyudmila Krasnozhon, teacher in Kurgan kindergarten of the combined type #1 07.10.2018
"ABC of Safety" by Ksenia Fedorova is written in a fun way and it's very informative understandable to preschoolers. Children acquire useful skills and knowledge through these poems, they master the rules of life.
This book is for us, educators and parents, a real helper in the cognitive development of children and introduces them to the modern children's fiction.
Many thanks to the writer for the book she gave to our group at the presentation in the kindergarten!

Tatiana Mokhovikova, children's ombudsperson in the Khanty-Mansi autonomous district 07.10.2018
Ksenia! You're great! What you do for children is a right key to their successful lives.

Anatoliy Kireev, bard (Chelyabinsk) 07.10.2018
Very-very nice, caricatures! Humorously and so talented!

Andrew Babb, college teacher (Melbourne, Australia) 05.10.2018
What a wonderful book "ABC of Safety"! Beautiful pictures and so funny! Ksenia, will you translate your book into English so that Australian children can read?