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Yulia Lushnikova, primary school teacher #48 (Kurgan) 05.10.2018
- The very first book of schoolchildren, which leads them to the country of knowledge, is the ALPHABET. "ABC of Safety" by Ksenia Fedorova invites children to the world of health, hobbies, creativity and safety! Accessible and modern poems are remembered by children very easily and quickly. Exciting, fun classes are held! Children recite the poems to each other and their parents with pleasure!

Vera Zaitseva, member of the Union of Composers of Russia, candidate of arts 05.10.2018
- I was very glad to take part in this project - audiobook "ABC of Safety"! Musical images began to emerge after the first reading of the wonderful poems of Ksenia. It was interesting to look for their musical embodiment, to fulfill the pictures that arise in the process of readingig by my music. And the most valuable thing for me in this project was that it is designed for audience, which is not capable of pretense and insincerity: because if a child does not like, he or she will not listen o at all! Therefore, working with music was even more exciting to make it understandable and interesting for young listeners.

Actor Roman Serkov (Moscow) - about CD "ABC of Safety" 05.10.2018
Working with an audiobook for children, as well as working in plays for children and teaching children for me personally is a very important, necessary and responsible occupation. And, despite such a burden of responsibility, these classes are one of the most favourite in life, because work for children brings us back to our childhood!

Publisher Svetlana Konyukhova ("Artclassics", LTD., Moscow) 05.10.2018
- A wonderful disk for children, a rarity for today was released - "ABC of Safety" by Ksenia Fedorova! This is a premiere of the series "Russian Composers and Writers for Children". This is not a song, not a fairy tale, not a musical, but a real book for children in verses and with original music.

Elena Kabakova, teacher, concertmaster of Children Art School named after Gromov, veteran of labour, laureate of Russian and international contests, composed a poem about her grandson Vova, who reads "The Code Little Neats" by Ksenia Fedorova 05.10.2018
Vova took in hands the book
And recited oath!
Then he said with proud look:
- I'll be the bravest knight on Earth!

Valentina Petrishcheva, grandmother of five grandchildren (Velikie Luki, the Pskov region) 05.10.2018
- Dear Ksenia, we have two of your wonderful books for my grandchildren (and I have five of them): "ABC of Safety" and "The Code of Little Neats". We normally read your books together, and sometimes the eldest granddaughter reads to the junior. Serious advice and warnings turned into jolly poems - can be memorized easily.
Today the situation in society has changed, it often requires caution and special attention. It doesn't seem right to terrify children with the stuff but at the same time it is necessary to aware them about possible danger! Your book "ABC of Safety" id of great use here. I wish this book became required in all the kindergartens! And yes, "The Code of Little Neats" teaches children to be clean, neat, to keep order indoors and outdoors. We sincerely thank you, Ksenia, for your work and talent. Looking forward to new books!

Karina Sokolova, Helen and Nikita's mother (St. Peterburg) 05.10.2018
- We've read "The Code of Little Neats" together with the children at home. My boys enjoyed it! They habe never ate yogurt, but now they really like it! Big surprise, we know, how useful empty yogurt containers are! Thank you for the application called "Art Workshop"! Good job, Ksenia! Woild like to read more of your masterpieces!

Alena Lopatina, the Commissioner for children's rights at the governor of the Kurgan region 05.10.2018
- How did you know that the iron is hot, and iron swing are cold in winter and can burn your hands? Where  did caution in handling matches and electrical appliances come from? Many people acquire skills of safe behavior together with painful experience. Children's literature is an educational holiday! It should carry both a charge of positive impressions and useful information, and most importantly - to be accessible to the youngest readers. Ksenia Fedorova found true to the style of transmitting serious information. With a share of humor, on the example of children, Ksenia offers her reader to choose a model of safe behavior. Simple rhymes, short phrases - this is the right way to the rapid assimilation of the children's vital rules. I am grateful to the author for the choice of socially significant topics.

Olga Kopyshenkova, the Commissioner for the rights of children in the Kaluga region 05.10.2018
- Ksenia, thank you for such a good book deed! I sincerely hope for further cooperation in the protection of the rights and legitimate interests of  children! Wishing you prosperity, health and success!